I. amount a‧mount 1 [əˈmaʊnt] noun [countable, uncountable]
a quantity of something:

• debts that vary in amount

• Figures show a big rise in the amount of money in the economy.

• You must pay the full amount in advance.

• a cheque in settlement of the amount owing

ˈface aˌmount
1. [countable] INSURANCE a sum of money paid to someone who has an insurance policy when that policy mature S (= it is time for it to be paid); = sum Bre
2. [countable] FINANCE the stated value of a share, bond etc when it is Issued (= sold for the first time). This is not necessarily the price that is really paid for it. Bonds, for example, may be sold slightly above or below their face amount. This value is used to calculate yield (= how much profit bonds make for the investor); = FACE VALUE; NOMINAL VALUE; PAR VALUE
3. [countable] BANKING the value shown on a coin or banknote; = FACE VALUE
  [m0] II. amount amount 2 verb
amount to something phrasal verb [transitive]
if something amounts to a particular total, the different parts add up to that total:

• Earnings per share amounted to 16.8p.

• Total government income amounted to about £180,000 million.

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amount UK US /əˈmaʊnt/ noun [C]
MONEY a quantity of money: a large/small/considerable amount »

You can make a considerable amount for only a few hours' work.

a certain/particular amount »

Payments are limited to a certain amount.

pay/spend/raise an amount »

If everyone in the company contributed just $10, this would raise the amount needed.


She was so disappointed with the service she refused to pay the full amount.


I didn't expect the bill to come to this amount.

a quantity of something such as time, space, a substance, or a feeling: an amount of sth »

They didn't deliver the right amount of sand.

large/small amounts »

Small amounts of land were used for keeping animals.

a considerable/significant/huge amount »

The new tax caused a huge amount of anger among small business owners.


Both solutions take about the same amount of time.

any amount of sth — Cf. any amount of sth
See also FACE AMOUNT(Cf. ↑face amount)

Financial and business terms. 2012.


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